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NHVAS Mass Management and Maintenance Management

THE National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme(NHVAS) has been developed to provide transport operators with an alternative means to comply with regulations.
In order to become accredited to NHVAS, operators must implement a system in their business which provides documentary and auditable evidence they are complying with the standards.
The NHVAS consists of two modules:

  • Mass Management
  • Maintenance Management

Operators gain accreditation to the NHVAS if they can prove that they comply with the law. These accredited operators are then subject to much less enforcement activity. To become accredited, operators need to:

1. develop an in house assurance system
2. document the procedures that staff must follow to achieve compliance
3. produce(and keep for audits) sets of documents that prove compliance
4. undergo independent audits from time to time

Transitional Fatigue Management Training

Driver fatigue is a significant cause of road crashes that involve heavy trucks. The Transitional Fatigue Management Scheme aims to provide drivers and operators with greater flexibility in driving, other work and rest hours in exchange for greater assurance that drivers fatigue is being properly managed. Registration in TFMS rewards employers and drivers by allowing drivers to drive for up to 14 hours in any 24 hour period and to spread their driving over a longer 14 day cycle, compared with 7 days under the Standard scheme.

  • Training Requirements

Drivers and responsible employees must complete the approved training course in fatigue Management. It provides drivers and responsible employees with the skills and knowledge that they need to manage and reduce the effects of driver fatigue including the causes and effects of fatigue and personal-warning signs. It gives guidance on how to manage fatigue, personal health, lifestyle and fitness matters to improve the overall well being of drivers. Darby is a Workplace Trainer Category 2 with transport industry training background and has the credentials to fully endorse and implement the above.

TruckCare is Quality Management for Livestock Transport. 'Paddock to Plate'
Truck Care is a quality management program especially developed for livestock transporters and is fully auditable. The program is built around the quality assurance principles contained in international standards and also uses hazard analysis of
critical control points. Truck Care is designed to integrate with other quality assurance programs including Cattle Care, Flock Care, National Saleyard Quality Assurance and Truck Safe. The programs aimed at raising awareness, introducing quality management, implementing a quality management system which can be audited by customers, or by an externally qualified auditor and integrating with customers or road transport quality assurance programs."Standards include in the program are loading, transportation
and unloading of livestock, with customer satisfaction also
considered a top priority"

What Is TruckSafe Accreditation? TruckSafe is primarily about safety in the road transport
industry and about being able to receive a "Fair Go" by demonstrating that Transport Operators are indeed responsible and accountable. Through the four TruckSafe standards, operators are able to put into their
business management systems, professional development for drivers and health monitoring services, and vehicle maintenance program. This accreditation program simply assists operators document what they do and allows them to demonstrate it.
How Does It Work?
This program has four standards which operators have to meet
through written procedures and manuals and an entry audit to
gain accreditation status.


By doing this, it assists you in being able to demonstrate due diligence.


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