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Australian Road Train Association

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The Australian Road Train Association provides its members representation on national issues through the Australian Trucking Association (ATA), Australia's peak trucking lobby body.

The ATA does not have individual members, instead serving as a council to those industry associations and companies privileged enough to be invited to sit on the ATA General Council.

In its own right and through the ATA, the Australian Road Train Association provides member input on specific Federal, State, and Local Government policy issues such as:

  • Driving Hours Regulations for Heavy Vehicles
  • B-Double length 26m.
  • Drivers Medicals
  • Compliance & Enforcement Legislation
  • Increasing Road Access
  • Taxes and charges- DAFGS
  • Transport and Road Rules

The Australian Road Train Association is an accredited National Road Safety Truck Safe core provider with National Standards in:

  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Driver Health · Training
  • Management
  • Organise Fee for Service
  • Organise TFMS Training
  • National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme
  • NHVAS Maintenance Management

This all translates into ARTA being a strong and vigorous participant in such industry forums as:

  • ATA Council Meetings
  • ATA State Council Meetings
  • ATA Truck Safe Auditors Meetings, and through the board of directors core providers delegate.
  • Remote Areas Group Meetings
  • Annual National Drive for safety Days
  • Local Government Transport Committee

The Australian Road Train Association (ARTA) is a grass-roots driven advocacy group representing those whose livelihoods are committed to meeting that challenge

This website is the central meeting and information point for ARTA members to keep abreast of the latest political and professional developments in the Australian trucking sector, and to influence the direction of how they wish their association to represent them.

ARTA also encourages the wider local and international community to keep in touch.

This can be simply to ask about the unique nature and role of road trains in the Australian logistics industry, through to how we will go about addressing the mammoth what all Australian governments have recognised as a doubling of the freight on Australian roads over the next 20 years.

ARTA is a not-for-profit industry advocacy organisation, run by the Australian road train and multi-combination sector.

While our primary goal is to serve our Industry Members who service Australia's ever growing freight task, we invite those who wish to support the Australian Road Train Association to become Associate Members.

Download a Membership Form here

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